Connect Your Kids with Nature

Using Activities & Planning Strategies

Do you have a hard time pulling your child away from the screen and into nature? Are you interested in getting outside more but are unsure of what to DO when you’re out there? Do you want to develop your child’s curiosity and love for nature, but are not sure where to start? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

I’ve got two great resources for you! The eBook answers all those questions and more. Nature Matters Academy addresses every concern and struggle you have about getting your kids outside by providing a monthly program that walks you through reconnecting your child (and your family!) to nature using bite-sized lessons and a supportive community.

Reuniting Nature & Children eBook

Reuniting Nature & Children: Nature’s Recipe for Healthier & Happier Children is an eBook about getting kids outside and engaged with nature.   Have you unsuccessfully tried peeling your kids …

Dr. Jenny - Getting Kids Outdoors

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