Building Employee Engagement through Science

What is Employee Engagement?

Employee engagement is an employee's willingness to give their best at work. It's their commitment and connection to your organization. By increasing your employee's engagement levels, research shows that you'll increase business outcomes as well.

Our 5-step approach to addressing employee engagement issues revolves around the concept of business ecosystems. We work with your employees to help them understand ecosystems and the relationships that make them work. Then we map-out your internal business ecosystem from the employee's perspective, identifying the relationships that are working well and addressing those that are not. Your ecosystem map helps us to work collaboratively to create a long-term engagement strategy.

Highlights of the BEES Program

  • Evaluate Engagement Levels

    We use research-grade survey instruments to evaluate your employee’s engagement levels and compare their levels to that of companies around the world.

  • 1 Day Nature Experience

    We’ll take your employees out for a nature experience where we’ll map-out your business ecosystem – determining relationships and systems that work, and those that do not.

  • Long-Term Engagement Strategy

    With the help of your employees and managers, we will create a long-term engagement strategy based on your business ecosystem.

If you'd like to meet and discuss hosting the BEES program for your company or department, contact me at hello@jennylloydstrovas.com.