Below, you’ll find great resources to help you get your kids outdoors and engaged with nature!


Goal Setting and Planning Workbook

For me, getting out the door is the hardest part of getting outside.

This Planning Workbook will help you set goals, make a plan, and actually stick with it!

I would love to hear how you use this workbook. Please share you thoughts and stories with me via email at or on my Facebook page.

Click here to download the workbook.




Checklist: What to Bring When Going Outdoors

When you go outside, do you end up bringing too much stuff? Too little? This checklist will help you decide which items are vital for getting outdoors with kids and which items you can leave at home. The checklist includes safety items as well as items used for outdoor play.

Click here to download the checklist.



Stay Tuned for my Ebook!

  • Have you unsuccessfully tried peeling them away from the iPad to go outside?
  • Are you worried about your kids being safe while playing in nature?
  • Are you concerned that you don’t know what to DO when you’re in nature?
  • Do you want to teach your child how amazing the world is and why we should take care of it?
  • Do you feel like getting outside with your kids is too much work?

Then I have the perfect eBook for you!

This eBook discusses the scientific evidence behind the benefits of nature. It tells you what not to touch when outside. It explains outdoor ethics. It helps you decide where to go and what to bring. It lists resources and apps you can use outdoors. And it gives you age-appropriate activities to do with your child.

If you are worried that your child is going to be in the next generation of kids who never went outside because their parents were too busy working or weren’t comfortable outdoors, worry no longer! I take all the guess work out of getting outside and give you strategies and activities to help you and your child engage in nature.

Check the products and services page on my website! The eBook will be available in March – just in time for spring break boredom!

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