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Reuniting Children with Nature: Nature's Guide to Happier & Healthier Kids

As a mom, I know the struggle of getting kids outside and engaged with nature! It can be stressful, overwhelming and downright frustrating to plan activities, get out the door, and feel like we know enough to make the experience somewhat interesting for us and our kids.

Because so many parents struggle with this (myself included!), I developed a recipe to help us get our kids outside and engaged with nature. The recipe is easy to follow, adaptable to your family, and comes out great, every time. This eBook includes the recipe, along with detailed, practical instructions for reuniting your child with nature. The best part is, all the strategies and activities in this book can be used over and over again!

Reuniting Children with Nature describes why nature is imperative for the health of our children and our planet, while also giving practical advice on how to get outside with your kids.

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What is Nature Matters Academy?

The foundation of Nature Matters Academy is built on two things: 1) nurturing our children's health and happiness, and 2) developing their love for the natural world so when they become adults they'll care for it.

We do this by giving parents the tools they need to get their kids outside and engaged with nature. This includes planning tips, checklists, easy activities, activities based in science, a community of support, and access to an expert in the field.

Nature Matters Academy will Make it Easier for you to:

spend more quality time as a family and less time planning or packing. You'll always have something to do! In addition to weekly activities you'll get a monthly checklist of fun ideas that your kids can choose from. If you've ever been at a loss for ideas, you won't be anymore!

For less than a cup of coffee per week, you'll get all this and more:

  • Stress free, seasonal activities delivered weekly to your inbox
  • Help planning nature activities so it’s easy to get out the door
  • A supportive community of like-minded parents to share ideas with
  • Information on how nature makes your kids happier, healthier, & smarter
  • Research-supported techniques for connecting kids with nature
  • Guidance, support, and encouragement from an expert in the field
  • A lot more time and a lot less stress because you’ll have quality information