Hello and welcome to our STEM Nature Clubs!

Our STEM Nature Clubs are designed to get your kids outside and learning about nature in your own backyards, all the while developing their STEM skills and confidence. Our clubs use the Nature Matters Academy curriculum and are taught by local teachers and parents who are invested in your community and the educational experiences of your kids.

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Let’s Introduce Our Nature Coaches!

Theresa Aragon – Biologist

My name is Theresa. I am Biologist who’s passionate about getting youth out in their world to make new discoveries about nature! My passion is reptiles & arthropods so the NM desert is the perfect classroom to explore and protect these amazing creatures!

Susanna Sprague-Harris – Librarian & Naturalist

Susanna believes in the importance of getting kids outside. It is a great way to teach science concepts in the field and promote an appreciation for nature and the many benefits it provides for all of us.

Alison Holler – Mathematician & Nature Lover

I’m a mom of one nature-loving kiddo and one soon-to-be nature loving kiddo who was just born over the summer. I love to explore and learn about the outdoors. I also teach piano and have worked with kids through community centers and volunteer projects.

Paige Licklider – Homeschooler & Naturalist

I’ve been a part of the Mebane community since 2006 and love this little town! I’ve been a homeschooling mom for almost as long. Our family loves to get outside, play in the dirt, hike trails, look for critters in the Eno River, and birdwatch.

Brie-Anne Stout – Science Educator

Brie-Anne Stout is a licensed science educator, Wilderness First Aid and CPR certified, and has degrees in biology & botany. She loves exploring the plants and animals of the Sandia foothills with her family. She also works with Sol Forest School.

Dr. Jenny Lloyd-Strovas – Biologist

Hi, I’m Dr. Jenny. I’m a biologist, educator, and mom. My passion is getting people outside and connected to nature. I’m excited about teaching your kids about the natural world in their own backyards!

Gloria Zolman – Special Education Teacher

Being with nature and working with children are two of my favorite things to do! I have not yet had success with my own vegetable garden. However, I do have a nice variety of flowers in pots!