16 Animal Crafts from Handprints & Footprints

Handprint and foodprint crafts are great compliments to studying animal tracks.

It allows kids to see what their “tracks” look like and helps them see the shape, toe arrangement, and size in a new way.

Let your kids browse through the pictures below and choose an animal or two that they want to make.

After they’ve had some practice, encourage them to come up with their own animal ideas!

Post pictures of your kids projects in the Facebook group Nature Challenge!

Examples of Animals from Hand & Footprints

Elephant from Nature Matters with Dr. Jenny

Koala Footprint from Baby Blog

Orca by Beadreaming

Llama from Nature Matters with Dr. Jenny

I is for Iguana footprint craft

Iguana from The Pinterested Parent

Footprint Horse Craft

Horse from Fun Handprint Art


Mallard Duck from Craft Morning

Footprint Raccoon Craft - Footprint animal crafts from A - Z R is for Raccoon

Racoon from The Pinterested Parent


Bee from Fab Art DIY

Giraffe from Nature Matters with Dr. Jenny

Footprint Skunk Craft - Footprint Animal Crafts from A - Z S is for skunk

Skunk from The Pinterested Parent


Lion from Fab Art DIY

Camel from Handprint Creations

Butterfly from Nature Matters with Dr. Jenny

C is for cow

Cow from The Pinterested Parent

Image result for handprint flamingo glued to my crafts

Flamingos from Glued to My Crafts

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