3 Resources for Getting Outside and Engaged with Nature

As a mom, I know the struggle of getting kids outside and engaged with nature! It can be stressful, overwhelming and downright frustrating to plan activities, get out the door, and feel like we know enough to make the experience somewhat interesting for us and our kids.

Below, are 3 different resources to help you manage time, stress, and know what to do when you’re outside.



1. Finding More Time:

How long does it take you to get the kids packed and ready for a nature adventure? Too long?

One of the easiest ways to decrease packing time is to create a pre-packed nature backpack that’s full of your child’s favorite items for exploring nature. This backpack could have an insect net, bug containers, a magnifying glass, binoculars, a nature journal, or a guide book/nature app, to name a few. You can keep a box of these items close to the door and quickly pack whatever items your child wants in their nature backpack as you walk out the door. Click here for a checklist to help you pack for your next hiking adventure! Having pre-packed backpacks for getting outside will cut your planning time in half.


2. Experiencing Less Stress:

Does the idea of getting outside with your kids stress you out? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

By taking a few minutes to set clear goals and adding nature outings into your children’s weekly schedules, you can decrease the stress of getting outside. You can simplify the planning process by downloading this Goal Setting & Planning Workbook. It walks you through the process of setting tangible goals, then planning nature activities to meet those goals. Using the planning workbook in conjunction with the packing checklists is a great way to save time and reduce the stress that comes with getting your kids outdoors and engaged with nature.




3. What to DO Outside:

Do you want to spend more time in nature with your kids, but they easily get bored outside? Maybe you’re the one who gets bored!

Having a nature activity in your back pocket (either figuratively or literally) will help you and your child stay engaged in nature. Click here to receive a short lesson plan for making nature art with your kids. It involves exploring nature, finding objects that are special to your child, making art with those objects, then displaying the art in your home. This is one of my favorite activities to do with my child!

You can find all kinds of nature activities online with a simple google search. If you’re interested in learning more about the plants and animals around you, download the iNaturalist app. This social app allows you to post pictures of organisms and helps you identify them through similar photos and an engaged community.



Want to know more?

Would you like to know how to put all three of these things together into the perfect recipe that will result in happier and healthier kids? Check out my eBook, Reuniting Children with Nature: Nature’s Guide to Happier & Healthier Kids. This eBook is a detailed how-to guide where I take all the guess work out of getting outside and give you strategies and activities to help you and your child engage in nature. These strategies are practical and easy to implement for any family living in any location.


Thanks for reading,

Dr. Jenny




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