5 Activities for the Aquarium

Are you planning to visit the Aquarium but would like your kids to do an activity while looking at the exhibits?

Maybe you want an activity you can do at home before you go or when you get back.

Below are 5 activities that will make your trip to the aquarium a little more meaningful and educational. Enjoy!

Click here for a nature study worksheet your kids can do while at the aquarium!

Aquarium Explorer

Monterey Bay Aquarium

This is a great game to play when you visit the aquarium! The rules are simple, you explore aquatic life using a simple guide like your ABC’s or 123’s. For example, you can search for plants and animals as you go through the alphabet (Anemone, Bull shark, Crab, etc). You can also count organisms’ features, starting from 1 and ending with 10. For example, a turtle has 1 shell, a shark has 2 eyes, a clown fish has 3 white stripes, and so on. Check out the activity here.They also have worksheets if you prefer having something tangible. The best thing about this activity is that’s it’s something your 3 and10 year old can actually do together!

Shark Study

Aquarium of the Pacific

This is a simple and fun activity for all ages. You and your child will observe a shark and then compare and contrast 2 shark species. Check out the worksheet here. If you do not see the species listed in the worksheet, simply replace those species with ones you can observe at your aquarium. The Aquarium of the Pacific has a series of video-based lessons. To see the entire lesson on sharks, click here.

ExPloring Ocean Habitats

Aquarium of the Pacific

Habitats are the many different places that animals can live. As you walk through the aquarium, you can discuss the different habitats you see and what makes them unique. Click here for a worksheet that compares and contrasts kelp forests and coral reefs. This is an activity you can take to the aquarium or do at home. Before going to the aquarium, watch the video about ocean habitats to learn more.

Make an Aquascope

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Aquascopes allow your children to look at aquatic life a little more closely without touching or disturbing aquatic creatures. With this activity you get to make a fun craft and then use it to explore nature. Check out the instructions here. This is a great activity for any age and can be done before or after your visit to the aquarium.

Count the Fish in the Sea

New England Aquarium

This activity is based in mathematics and models how scientists estimate population density (the number of individuals of a species in a given area). Check out the activity here. You can do this at home before or after you visit the aquarium. Teaching modeling is best suited for older children, but this activity is great for practicing counting with young kids.


What activities do you use to engage your kids at the aquarium?


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2 thoughts on “5 Activities for the Aquarium

  1. Oscar Morrison Reply

    I like the idea of doing an ABC/123 game with my kids to keep them engaged together at an aquarium. We’re thinking of taking them on a trip next weekend, but we worry that our oldest will be disconnected and won’t care about it. Maybe finding an aquarium and making it into a game will help them have a good experience

    • Dr. Jenny Post authorReply

      Yes! Games definitely work with my kids and my older students. Teenagers can be hard to engage at times, but maybe putting them “in charge” of something will help – specifically something important related to learning. That way, they become more of a teacher/leader and less of a student playing the ABCs. At least that’s what I’ve found that works – both with kids and adults! ha! I hope you had a great time at the aquarium!
      Dr. Jenny

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