As a mom, I know the struggle of getting kids outside and engaged with nature. Pulling them away from the screen. The fear of your children getting hurt. What to actually DO when you’re out there. Sometimes it feels impossible to just get out the door. But after working as a nature guide, biologist, and researching the human/nature relationship for 10 years, I’ve learned that there is a recipe we can follow.

This recipe can improve our children’s health and well-being (and our own!), help us reduce the stress and overwhelm that comes with planning outdoor activities, and help our children develop a love for the land. They don’t know that we’re being intentional about promoting their health and development, or that we want them to value, love, and respect the natural world. (It’s just like sneaking vegetables into your spaghetti sauce. We all do it!) The kids simply think it’s fun family time outside.

So, let’s make a commitment for getting our kids outside and enjoying more quality time together as a family. You don’t have to do it alone! I want to travel this journey with you, helping each other along the way. We can intentionally and consistently infuse nature experiences into our kid’s lives, giving them (and our planet) a brighter future!




My Goals for this website:

I have two goals with this website: 1) to help you incorporate the benefits of nature into your everyday life, and 2) to foster a diverse community of people who value nature.

Through this site, I’ll provide you with everyday applications from science that relate to the benefits of nature and why nature matters. In my “Science Says” blog posts, I’ll summarize a peer-reviewed publication and give you easy-to-implement strategies to help you apply the benefits of nature in your everyday life. In my blog, you’ll also find information on the physical and mental health benefits of nature, nature-centered craft ideas, and notes on natural history.

Whether you’re a parent struggling to get your kids connected to the land, or someone who wants to explore a road to better health through nature experiences, I can help you!

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My Qualifications

Now, you may be wondering what qualifies me as an expert in this very general field of nature. Well, my Ph.D. is in biology with a focus on ecology and education. My research revolves around environmental literacy and nature experiences. I also have a background in nutrition, outdoor education, and human biology. Visit my qualifications page to learn more about why I am the perfect person to help you explore why nature matters.

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