I am a biologist, researcher, and educator.

My research lies at the interface between humans and natural systems with the ultimate goal of identifying best practices for developing environmental stewards.

My professional experiences bridge multiple disciplines and below I’ve summarized my experience in these fields. Feel free to peruse My Curriculum Vitae for more details.


I have a doctorate degree in biology. My coursework was primarily in ecology and my dissertation focused on environmental literacy and nature experiences. I have a master’s degree in nutritional science and an undergraduate degree in human biology.

Research Experience: 

I have been working as a researcher since 2001. I’ve conducted bench, field, and human-based research in multiple disciplines – education, ecology, agriculture, recreation, and medicine. To see a list of my publications or research-related jobs, see My Curriculum Vitae.

Teaching Experience:

I have been teaching science in higher education for 13years. The classes I’ve taught include general biology, anatomy and physiology, nutritional science, and chemistry. I have 2 years of experience in graduate student development (essentially teacher education at the college-level).

Outdoor Education & Recreation:

I was an outdoor educator at a university for four years and primarily led weekend trips for climbing and canoeing. Now I apply that skill set to planning fun outdoor adventures for my family. At one time, I had my Wilderness First Responder and AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor certifications.

Human Health:

My undergraduate degree is in human biology, my master’s degree is in nutritional science, and I’ve hosted community education events geared toward teaching the community about the interconnectedness between healthy ecosystems and healthy people. I’ve taught anatomy and physiology and when I was younger, I was a certified nurse’s assistant.

I am qualified to help you!

As you can see, I have the perfect set of qualifications to explore why nature matters and help you apply that information to your personal life, family life, career, or passion. Visit my services page to learn how I can help you!

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