Calling All Nature Lovers!

I’m looking for nature lovers to hire as teachers to provide STEM Nature Clubs in schools, community centers, libraries, open spaces, etc.

The purpose of the club is to get kids outside and learning about nature in their own backyards/schoolyards.

It’s an 8 week club – from the second week of September (9/9/19) to the last week of October (10/28/19). You choose the day, time, and location for providing the 1 hour club. All clubs are outdoors.

You’ll be provided with curricula, training, support, and insurance. All you have to do is market the program. You’ll be paid a percentage of the profits that come in.

It’s a similar model to Tinkergarten (we also contract with nature lovers), only we focus on teaching older kids (6-18 years old) about nature and ecology.

If you’re interested, email me and I’ll send you information. Please forward this message to any teacher, environmental educator, or parent who might be interested.

About the Curriculum:

Nature Matters Academy is a STEM-based curriculum designed to get kids outside and learning about nature in their own backyards. We study local ecosystems by learning the names of the plants and animals we encounter and how they interact. Our goal is to help kids develop a personal connection with nature, and that starts by learning the names of organisms!

The theme for the Fall 2019 club is Plants & Pollinators.

About me:

I’m a biologist who provides nature-based curricula and programming to teachers and families. I’m passionate about getting kids outside and helping them develop a connection with nature in their own backyards.

If you’re interested in being a teacher for the club, please contact me at

Then I’ll have you register to be a provider at

If you’re a nature lover and want to know more about the benefits of nature for our kids, click here!

Dr. Jenny

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