Easter Nature Activities

Easter is just around the corner.

Here are a few nature activities that are related to the holiday. I’ve included religious and non-religious ideas so hopefully these will work for everyone.


Blogs & Articles with great nature-related activities for Easter:

Hunting nature items that relate to the Easter story from Bless This Mess.

  • For this activity, your kids will collect nature objects that relate to the Easter story, making it more tangible and memorable!

12 Easter scavenger hunt ideas from Hands On As We Grow

  • This is a great list of scavenger hunt ideas you can use outside.

If you live in the tropics, you could try an underwater Easter egg hunt like the Nature Foudation in St. Maarten.

  • Living in the desert, this isn’t an option for us. But it sounds like a lot of fun!

Make a resurrection garden with your kids, from We Are That Family

  • Give your kids a list of items that they’ll need to make their gardens and send them outside. You probably won’t need to purchase anything! Use a clear pot saucer or aluminum pie pan for your base, a rinsed out tin can for your tomb, and gather dirt and rocks from outside. The only thing you might need to purchase are seeds. If you can, use seeds from local plants!


Do you need help planning a nature-related Easter activity with your kids?

Download my planning guide here! 









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