Free Template for Nature-Inspired Thankfulness Cards – Thanksgiving Craft

November is the month of falling leaves, roasted turkeys, a planning a fun Thanksgiving craft. What better way to show someone our gratitude than through a handwritten card.

Let’s teach our kids gratitude by having them write thank you cards to the special people in their lives.

These cards not only allow them to reflect on why they are grateful for their friends and family, but it also gives them an opportunity to get outside and have a little fun!

How to Make a Nature-Inspired Thankfulness Card:


  • Template printouts

  • Leaves of different colors
  • Glue
  • Leaf punch (if you have one)
  • pen for writing your note

Thanksgiving Craft Instructions:

  1. Go outside and gather leaves of different colors. Press them for about 24 hours before starting your cards.
  2. Download the free card template here.
  3.  Print the template on card stock.
  4. Cut the cards along the dotted line.
  5. Fold the cards in half.
  6. Glue leaves on the “beLEAF” card. You could even draw on them with a sharpie to add a little detail.
  7. Punch out leaf shapes from the leaves you gathered outside. Put glue dots on the “TREEmendous” card and add your leaf punches! If you don’t have a leaf punch you could use round hole punches. (Or find small leaves and glue them on whole.)
  8. Let your cards dry! (You might need to put a piece of wax paper over the card and set a stack of books on top of it so that it dries flat. The wax paper will keep the leaf from getting stuck to your books.)
  9. Now let your child write a note to the person they are thankful for!
  10. We’d love to see photos of your kid’s thankfulness cards! Please post them on our Facebook group, Nature Challenge.

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