How to Give Your Kids a STEM Advantage in 4 Simple Steps

Does your child love science? Do they think math is fun? You can give your kids a STEM advantage by following 4 simple steps!

  1. Get your kids involved in STEM activities before the age of 8. Confidence in STEM, or lack thereof, can solidify early in life. This is why it’s vitally important that our kids are given fun and engaging ways to learn STEM at an early age. This is especially important for girls who tend to say things like “I’m bad at math.” By giving kids early opportunities in STEM, they don’t even consider the idea that they could be “bad” at a STEM subject.
  2. Get them involved in extracurricular STEM activities. So many people who go into the STEM fields were involved in clubs, camps, workshops, and other out-of-school opportunities. A school’s curriculum will incorporate STEM learning, but out-of-school programs focus on bringing STEM to life through fun and engaging activities.
  3. Get your kids outside and exploring nature because it’s an ideal space for developing STEM skills. Outside, kids get to practice problem solving, critical thinking, and explore the world around them in a scientific way. Helping your kids through structured activities outdoors will help develop their STEM skills even more. (Click here to download free outdoor STEM activities)
  4. Get your kids involved in some kind of STEM network. STEM professionals love helping the next generation pursue their passions in STEM. Look for out-of-school programs that are led by scientists and engineers who can encourage your kids and help them find a good pathway into a STEM career. (Nature Matters Academy is a great way to give your kids access to additional STEM activities and integrate them into a network with me, a biologist).

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