iNaturalist: An App for the Great Outdoors – How-To Video

Are you having a hard time pulling your children away from the screen and into the outdoors?

Why not transition them outside using an app that’s made to help people engage with nature?

iNaturalist is a social app that can help you identify plants and animals in your region. It even has options to allow you to play games with your child! Watch the video to learn more.


iNaturalist is the perfect app for all outdoor lovers because it helps beginners identify plants and animals in their region and experts can be challenged by helping beginners identify those organisms.

If you want to get outside and use this new app but find it difficult to plan outdoor time, download my planning workbook here!





Are you looking for a little more information related to getting kids outside? Check out my eBook, Reuniting Children with Nature: Nature’s Guide to Happier & Healthier Kids. This eBook is a detailed how-to guide where I take all the guess work out of getting outside and give you strategies and activities to help you and your child engage in nature. These strategies are practical and easy to implement for any family living in any location.





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Click Here for iNaturalist on your iPhone

Click Here for iNaturalist on your Android

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