Nature Destinations Near Albuquerque that are OPEN – as of July 6, 2018



Severe drought has caused the National Forest Service to close down many of the trails around Albuquerque. Trails in the Sandias, Manzanos, Mazanitos, and Santa Fe National Park areas are currently closed.

But don’t worry, there are still plenty of opportunities to get your family outside that would make a great day trip. Below, I’ve listed areas that are currently open.

Nature Destinations:


Things to do before you leave:

  • Call to make sure they are open (ask about the cost of admission)
  • Pack plenty of water, food, and sunscreen
  • Pack hats and sun glasses
  • Arrive early so you can enjoy your adventure before it gets too hot


Nature Activities in your own Backyard

If you’d like to learn more about nature activities you can do in your own backyard, join the Facebook group Nature Challenge. In this group we share ideas for activities and encourage each other to get outside!


 Fire Prevention & Management

If you’d like to learn more about how you can prevent forest fires, click here. Thanks Smokey! If you’re interested in knowing how fires are beneficial and the role they play in our ecosystems, click here.

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