Self-discipline has been described as a limited but renewable resource.

In other words, you can only be self-disciplined to stay focused on a certain task for so long. Eventually, you become mentally fatigued and no longer have the ability to think clearly or critically about the task at hand. Simply put, it’s like your car running out of gas after a long trip.

We can all relate to this.

But the good news is that you can recharge and refill your self-discipline tank whenever you feel low. Add a little nature into your day and see how it affects your ability refocus and get things done. Nature can be used as a tool to refill your child’s self-discipline tank as well. If they are in public school, let them play outside for 30 minutes after they get home and before starting homework. If they are homeschooled, you can use nature to get your kids wiggles out between lessons. Regardless if your kids are in public school or homeschooled, spending time in nature will help them expend excess energy, recharge, and be more prepared to tackle their work.

Remember, time in nature isn’t just a recreational activity. It’s a tool we can use to help our children manage many aspects of their lives, we just have to show them how to do it!


If you’d like to learn more about the research that supports nature as a tool for increasing self-discipline, click here.