The health and social benefits of nature are becoming clear, but our children’s health isn’t the only reason we should get our kids outside more often. Studies also show that exposure to nature is correlated with an increase in standardized academic test scores of our children.

Research shows that the level of green vegetation around a school is correlated with higher academic scores regardless of sociodemographic variables like gender and income! This means that YOU can have an impact at your child’s school. Plant an outdoor garden! Care for indoor plants! There are activities that teachers may not have time to plan or carry through. Volunteer your time and resources to make your school a little greener!

As a parent, you can also use nature as a tool to help your children with their academic studies. When your children are studying for their next test, have them study next to a window with a nature view. Let them take breaks every hour or so and go outside to recharge. If your child is struggling academically, set up a comfortable study space for them (outside or inside with a nature view) and study with them. Make it a fun and memorable experience.

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