What is Desertification? by Audiopedia

The first 2 minutes gives the best explanation I can find via video for desertification. Sorry that's automated! And you certainly don't have to watch the entire video, just get the definition and idea from the first 2 minutes.

Action Against Desertification by FAO

Uncovering the Dust Bowl by PBS

Most of the videos online talk about desertification happening in Africa and Asia, but it can happen in developed countries as well. The Dust Bowl is a great example of unsustainable agricultural practices that led to unproductive farm lands and loss of valuable top soil. Luckily, these are mostly controlled now due to better land management; however, I experienced haboob (a large, apocalyptic-looking wall of dust often seen in pictures from the Dust Bowl era) not even 10 years ago while living in Lubbock, TX.

Action Step

  • Do an internet search for regions in the world that are currently dealing with desertification.
  • Read a few articles or watch a few videos.
  • Post what your kids learned in the Facebook group! If you're ambitious, have your kids do a little report or project on desertification, how it negatively effects ecosystems and people, and what we can do to change it.

More Training and Resources

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