Reuniting Nature & Children: Nature’s Recipe for Healthier & Happier Children is an eBook about getting kids outside and engaged with nature.


Have you unsuccessfully tried peeling your kids away from the iPad? Do you want to spend more time outdoors with your kids but you don’t know what to DO when you’re in nature? Do you want to teach your child how amazing the natural world is and why we should take care of it?

Then I have the perfect eBook for you!

This eBook is a detailed how-to guide on reuniting your child with nature. Not only does it describe why nature is imperative for the health of our children and our planet, but it gives practical advice on how to get outside with your kids.

The eBook includes:

  • An easy and practical recipe for connecting your child to nature
  • How nature can nurture your child’s health & happiness (according to science)
  • What to bring
  • Where to go
  • Planning tips that actually get you out the door
  • Age appropriate nature activities
  • A supportive community

If you are worried that your child is going to be in the next generation of kids who never went outside because their parents were too busy working or weren’t comfortable outdoors, worry no longer! I take all the guess work out of getting outside and give you strategies and activities to help you and your child engage in nature.

This eBook is the perfect cure for spring break boredom!