Let's Grow!


Join us at Roots Natural Learning Center for a seed workshop for kids!

Wild Plum Seeds!

Seed Workshop Details:


When: Monday, March 11, 2019

Time: 9am—1pm

Where: Roots Farm—15 miles south on HWY 337 from I-40

Who: Kids ages 6-10 years old

Price: $25 per child

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During this workshop your kids will:


  • Help with a farm project & plant seeds that will be part of the summer/fall harvest!
  • Play games that will teach them about seeds & growth.
  • Create a seed craft that they can take home and plant!
  • Learn about the interconnectedness of seeds and our ecosystem.
  • Run, play, and be a kid!

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Your kids can learn about seeds on a real, working farm!

Seed workshop presented by Dr. Daniel Puccini and Dr. Jenny Lloyd-Strovas

Daniel and Jenny share similar missions - to help people connect to nature by teaching them about the natural world. Daniel does this through his non-profit, Roots Farm Natural Learning Center, by teaching people about sustainability and living in harmony with their surroundings. Jenny does this through her business, Nature Matters, by teaching kids about the natural world right outside their doors.

In this workshop, your kids will not only be learning about seeds, but they'll be learning about the roll that seeds play in our ecosystem. They'll also get to be a farmer for a day as they learn about sustainable agriculture in the East Mountains.

Daniel Puccini, Ph.D.

Daniel grew up in the mountains east of Albuquerque and has always felt a deep connection with his Tijeras roots. He is passionate about teaching kids and adults about nature and our role in it. By spreading awareness about how our individual choices and actions influence the world around us, he strives to instill in others, both a deep appreciation for nature along with a sense of obligation that encourages each one of us to connect with the earth.

Daniel Puccini, Ph.D. Roots Farm Cafe & Roots Natural Learning Center
Jenny Lloyd-Strovas, Ph.D.

Hi, I’m Dr. Jenny! I’m a biologist, researcher, and mom. I help parents get their kids outside and engaged with nature through STEM-based learning activities, nature crafts, nature challenges, and support with the planning and logistics of getting outside. My ultimate goal is to help kids KNOW the natural world right outside their door. We love what we know, and we care for what we love. We can help our kids develop a love for nature so they’ll want to care for it, just as nature cares for them.

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Jenny Lloyd-Strovas, Ph.D. Nature Matters with Dr. Jenny