If you have a specific need or question that hasn’t been addressed in my blog posts or reports, I’d be happy to work with you one on one! I can help you find evidence for your grant proposal, evaluate programming, or provide another critical pair of eyes for your program reports.


Are you working on writing a grant proposal and need an extra pair of eyes to edit or add relevant statistics? I can help!

Perhaps you are playing with the idea of changing some of your educational programming and would like a second opinion that comes with relevant research to support these changes. I can help!

Maybe it’s time for a program evaluation and you want to contact someone who is familiar with outdoor recreation education, environmental education, or academia. I can help! I have worked in all these fields and understand many of the struggles you face.

If you have questions or need help addressing a problem that deals with education, the natural environment, or outdoor experiences, I can help! Please email me for a quote.