Valentine’s Crafts for Families

A few years ago, my family and I started a tradition. We decided to use Valentine’s Day as a platform to share our appreciation and gratitude for each other.

We do that in a few different ways:

  • We cook a delicious dinner together – something special but that we’ll all enjoy.
  • We make Valentines where we write something that we love about each person.
  • We usually make some kind of craft because my kids and I are makers.
  • And my husband and I give small gifts.


About a week before Valentines, the kids and I sit down to make them. They’re simple – we just print off this sheet, write what we love about the other person, and cut them out.

Then we cut out a piece of colorful cardstock that is 2.5 by 3.5 inches. This gives us a half-inch border around our note. After everything is written and cut out, we paste our notes to the cardstock.

Then we hide our Valentines and wait until our special Valentine’s Dinner to hand them out!

If you want the PDF for the card template, you can download it here.

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