ADHD QUIZ – What Kind of ADHD Does Your Kid Have?

Take our simple and fun ADHD Quiz to see what type of ADHD your kid has!

Then we’ll share some tips and strategies to help you manage your kids’ ADHD challenges.

Maybe your child has already been tested and given the diagnosis “ADHD.”

Or perhaps, you suspect ADHD and want to gather a little more information before you having your child tested.

Regardless of how you ended up on this page, you can take our FREE ADHD Quiz to learn more about how your kids’ brain operates and how you can help them.

Unlike so many people that regard ADHD as an illness, we know that your child has some incredible gifts because of the unique way in which their brain is wired.

In fact, we work with ADHD kids to help them see that their brain is an amazing gift and that they can still reach their goals – all they need to do is develop strategies to manage their ADHD struggles.

We focus on helping them see their gifts while learning to manage their challenges.


Because I have ADHD. Not only was I able to complete a doctorate degree in the hard sciences, but I am raise 2 wonderfully gifted and creative boys who also have ADHD.

We’re here to spread the message that ADHD kids have the potential to do amazing things!

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